Taste Tradition is a North Yorkshire farming family specialising in Rare and Traditional Breed Pigs and Rare/Native Breed Cattle and Sheep. Our farming methods are reminiscent of our Grandfathers' era, bringing out the very best in the breeds that we rear and, in turn, producing extremely high quality, beautifully tasting pork, beef and lamb. The Rare Breed Suckling Piglet is our specialty. Explore the site and Taste Tradition!

4th February

In light of recent events in the news, we are proud to share with you that all of our animals are taken to local, family-run abattoirs where animal welfare is of the highest order. Our animals are then stunned before being humanely slaughtered.

We have used these abattoirs for a long time, and have only had positive experiences with them; we have seen how they work and how the animals are treated when on the premises.

Charles, our Managing Director, has personally audited each abattoir that we use to ensure that his high standards are met and maintained, and that the livestock we have worked hard to rear will be treated with the care they deserve.

As a third-generation farmer with over 25 years' experience he has worked hard to ensure that his livestock experience the best quality of life possible, and this is something he expects to continue until the end.

13th October
More good news on the awards front - we have been shortlisted for this year's Food Manufacturing Excellence Awards! We're in the Meat and Poultry category with some stiff competition - find out who here http://www.foodmanawards.co.uk/page/2010_finalists.html

4th October
Just a quick update - we won a gold and a silver award at this year's BPEX Sausage of the Year Awards! Our Coarse Minced Lincolnshire Sausage (as eaten by the Middleton Family on the Big Day) won gold and our Traditional Pork Sausage claimed the silver.

5th August
The updates are starting to happen now, and momentum is picking up! some of the new pages are available through the menu bar, whereas others can be found by hovering over the menu bar items and following the sub menus. I hope the information we put up is proving to be interesting!

21st July 2011
It's a while since we updated things this on this site - so we're looking at adding a few pages and updating some of the existing ones. We hope that you enjoy them!

5th April 2011
IFE went very well for us, and a lot of people have shown an interest in what we do - I think the suckling pig in the chiller display helped to make us memorable! As a result we have a number of new customers, and several prospective customers. Also, big news in the pipeline, but I'll fill you all in on that in good time!

Entries to the Meat Management Competition are in for judging, so cross those fingers that we get something back for our trophy cabinet or wall of fame...
Also, if you haven't already, track us down on Facebook by searching for us, or following this link:


4th March 2011
Well, it all seems to be go at Taste Tradition HQ at the moment! Our entries to the BPEX awards did very well, gathering 1 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze awards! Contact us if you are interested in trying our Outdoor Reared Saddleback Loin Steak, Outdoor Reared Saddleback Belly with Italian Marinade, Maple Cured Saddleback Bacon Chop or our Air Dried Saddleback ham cured in Ale! We are now gearing up for the next big competition with Meat Management Magazine - fingers crossed...

The approach of Spring is bringing with it a lot of extra work for Charles on the farms as lambs and calves are abound and making appearances at all hours... We may not see much of him over the coming weeks.

16th February 2011
The offer on our porchetta has been extended to the end of March - why not go to our shop and treat yourselves?

25th January 2011
For those of you who like our Porchetta and want some more, or anyone out there who have not yet given it a try, for the month of February we are reducing the price by 20%, meaning it will be just £15.16 per kg! The price will hold for 28 days only, make sure you act fast so you don't miss out!

7th January 2011
So, we all survived the Christmas period with sanity and fingers intact - though with the number of orders our superb butchers got through in the week leading up to Christmas, I'm surprised! After a few days off to recuperate and top up our batteries we're back at it and aiming to make this a record-breaking year - at least by our standards!

31st September 2010
Once again, Taste Tradition scoops an award for the quality of its produce! This time it was the Yorkshire Post Taste Awards, and the entry? Our Yorkshire Rosé Veal Chops; a delightful colour, texture and taste, brought about by the traditional and humane rearing methods used. Our veal calves are raised with their mothers in the fields and given the highest standard of living possible. 

If you are interested in a winning meal, please let us know!

2nd December 2009
Well it seems that lady luck is very much shining on us of late. Fresh from winning at the Deliciouslyorkshire awards with our Rare Breed Hambleton Lighting Ale, we are once again winners of a national award for our Rare Breed Porchetta. As stated in our last post our porchetta was in the final three of the meat and poultry section at the Excellence in Food and Drink Awards. On Friday our directors Charles and James made there way down to the event held at the Dorchester Hotel on Park Lane with their fingers crossed for another win and they weren’t disappointed. To try our award winning porchetta please get in touch.

10th November 2009
As stated in our last news item in October we were in the final of yet another competition for our Rare Breed Hambleton Lightning Ham. Well at last nights awards we are pleased to announce that we won the prepared meat category. We were up against some stiff opposition but in the end the judges were overwhelmed by our ham’s quality and flavour.

We are all keeping our fingers crossed that good luck continues for the rest of the month and that we can be a winner again in the finals of the Excellence in Food and Drink Awards where our Rare Breed Porchetta is nominated in the meat and poultry section. The ceremony is being held at the Dorchester Hotel on Park Lane, London at the end of the month. Hopefully we’ll be winners again!