Unlike our pigs and cattle, the majority of our flock of sheep and lambs are not rare breed. Instead we rear Texel and Suffolk, because we find they suit our system; they are able to convert forage into meat effectively, are well fleshed, and produce a very consistent quality of carcase. Unlike pork and beef, lamb fat is deemed to be less desirable; therefore, these breeds are able to provide the high quality of lamb, without the excess fat. However, we do farm some rare breed sheep and lambs, mainly Jacobs, Ryeland.

The Taste Tradition flock is kept on limestone based land, which is free draining and therefore very good ground for raising sheep. The grass from this land is the mainstay of their diet, but in the winter months when this is not as available we provide supplements to ensure the flock receives all the nutrients it requires.

We slaughter lambs year round, catering to the market with the highly sought after spring lambs, or the ever available hoggets. We take our lambs into local slaughterhouses, keeping business in the region and reducing the stress on the animals by reducing the time spent in transit.