Passion with Compassion

Traditional British rare breed piglets, such as Gloucester Old Spot, Oxford Sandy Black and Berkshire are just a selection used at Taste Tradition.

Here at Taste Tradition, we believe that our piglets’ lives are of the utmost importance, from how they are reared on the farm, right through to being on your plate!

Unlike most commercial pigs, our piglets suckle on their mothers until they are at least 8-10 weeks old, almost three times longer than commercial piglets.

We strive to give all our piglets a healthy, happy life, so in the warmer months they are kept outside to enjoy a real Yorkshire summer and are free to roam and forage in the fields.

During cooler months, the piglets are reared inside our barn on straw beds to be kept in a warm and dry environment.

Our suckling piglet is perfect for all occasions whether it be a wedding, banquet or on the spit at a summer barbeque.

You can order your suckling pig between 8-16kg and here at Taste Tradition we always do our best to meet your requirements, however large or small your order.

Why not be inspired by one of Joyce’s much loved suckling pig recipes, found on our recipe page.

Suckling Pig