Derek Quelch
Executive Chef
The Goring Hotel

Taste Tradition sausages are made using rare breed pigs and natural skins. They are full of flavour just how sausages should be.

Lawrence Keogh
Head Cook
Roast Restaurant

We have been working very closely with Charles Ashbridge on cultivating an audience of rare breed meat lovers. Every Monday at Roast, we promote rare breeds with a special menu, largely featuring Charles’s meats. We have now established a regular clientele coming back to try his rare breed pork and the feedback we receive is fantastic. Our guests not only get to taste amazing pork but also have the opportunity to learn about rare breeds.

I have personally visited Charles in Yorkshire with members of our team and his enthusiasm and passion are unequalled. I cannot think of a better relationship of a farmer having with a chef – it really is from the gate to the plate.

Iain Devine
The Drunken Butcher

I cater for meat based supper clubs and one off events. My speciality is pork, in all my years of cooking I’ve never used better quality pork than from Taste Tradition. They provide excellent & friendly service and will cut to my (very) exacting specifications and standards. The quality of their beef & lamb is also fantastic, I’d suggest you seek out the shoulder of hogget. I would recommend them to any caterer or restaurant who are serious about providing their customers with superb quality meat. In particular their pigs’ cheeks and on-the-bone loin are absolutely second to none.

Michael Jarman.
E. Botham & Sons Ltd.

Botham´s of Whitby have been supplied with Rare Breed Pork by Charles & Joyce Ashbridge of Taste Tradition for the past 2 years. The quality and service is of such a high standard we have decided to increase our orders to include their Yorkshire Pork for our very popular small and large standing pies.

Having a supplier one can trust is immensely important, and we here at Botham´s know that Charles´s attention to detail and unstinting eye for quality gives us the security we need to ensure that we offer the very best to our customers.

Kevin Kindland
Ripley Castle & Estate

The flavour of the breeds of meat with which Taste Tradition supply us really is second to none!

Rocky Redmond,
Vanilla Venture Ireland

Vanilla Venture Ireland considers Taste Tradition as one of the finest pork producers in the UK and Ireland. Primarily, the flavour of the pork is outstanding, the meat succulent and tender. That aside, attention to detail is why we have such great interest in Taste Tradition produce. The product is not only presented in excellent form in terms of cuts, packaging and labelling but more importantly again, the produce is consistent.

Vanilla Venture (Ireland) Ltd is the sole distributor of Taste Tradition products throughout Ireland

Ben Goode
Head Chef
The Cross Keys, Leeds

At The Cross Keys, I aim to use the best of local and seasonal produce and integral to that is the relationship we have with Taste Tradition. The quality and provenance of the meat is second to none and the guys are always willing to help me out with the more obscure cuts that we like to utilise.

The mutton and pork products are especially high quality, with a depth of flavour that is superb.

Bruce Elsworth
Executive Chef Director
The Angel Inn

I have been working with Taste Tradition for some time now, the rare breed products that they supply have the two greatest assets for me, a chef, and customer; excellent quality and consistency throughout. The product sells itself, and I give support and credit back to Taste Tradition at all times, for the high standards of quality that they maintain.

Anna & Paul Reed
The Black Horse Inn

"You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear"  Nan Anderson (thrift cook extraordinaire)  (my nan).

Point being quality product is of course vital to produce quality cooking and yippee we've finally found it!
You can ring these guys, talk to the farmer about the animals, the butcher about the meat & to Rob about the weather and then they send you what you ask for when you ask for it, amazing! No really it is amazing believe me.
The beef is earthy & fantastic, the mutton has such depth of flavour, the Rose Veal is a revelation (quite literally a different animal) and pigs cheeks are well on their way to becoming a signature dish. We've barely scratched the surface of the product range yet and we are very, very excited.

Alex Hogg - Director

Finclass Ltd, Smithfield Market, London

This is to certify that Finclass has been working with Taste Tradition for the past three years. Taste Tradition are a very reliable company, with outstanding quality produce. Our chefs are extremely happy using these niche products that produce great flavoursome dishes.

Terry Quinn Chef Patron,

The Lister Arms, Malham, North Yorkshire

My approach to the food we offer at the Lister Arms in Malham is a simple one; we support local and regional suppliers working with them and their expertise to offer their produce to our menus. I believe the very best dish a chef will produce, will have started off in life as the very best of ingredients and we are very proud to be known to use Taste Tradition from Thirsk.

Gerrard Dillon

The Hog & Apple - Traditional Rare Breed Hog Roast Specialists, York

Our business revolves around the provenance of the food we sell and in a market that is beginning to gasp for transparency, Charles fills that gap brilliantly. Taste Tradition make the link between producer, supplier and consumer, honest, reliable and high quality. As we move forward this year with our Rare Breed Hog roasts, we will cook Charles’ pigs, marinated with his passion for excellence, safe in the knowledge that we are treating our customers to something special, again and again and again!